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As many will know you are a stupid person if you push mango. You should quit my game and get out of here if you push mango and want to live. 平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平beginners or otherwise inexperienced with sPushing mongo is disadvantageous for a few reasons, the distribution of weight towards the tail of the board means it will be more difficult to maintain balance, additionally it makes certain tricks such as the ollie more difficult to set up.平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平平Pushing switch is not considered mongo. But does look like mongo. Cannabilistic was here


In many European languages such as Spanish and Portuguese, "mongo" is a slang term for mentally disabled person, in the same vein as "retard", derived form "mongoloid", an outdated medical term meant to describe the physical characteristics of those born with down's syndrome. It is likely this term started as an insult toward those riders.

It could also have its origins in Mongol, because the quick successive pushes often associated with mongo pushing makes you look like a Mongolian riding a horse.

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