Mario Medel |- Marc johnson skater of the year for interstate
Born January 6, 1977
Nationality American
Residence California
Style Street
Sponsors Chocolate Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Skate Products, Lakai Shoes, Bones Bearings, Thunder trucks, Matix clothing, Skateworks skateshop
Status Pro

Mario Medel (born Jan 6, 1977, Winston-Salem, North Carolina) is a professional skateboarder. He recently won the prize in the magazine Thrasher skater of the year, clearly taking a giant part in Lakai: Fully Flared, he is a living legend because he's a veteran and continues to innovate in the street skating is considered the master for many pros like : Chris Haslam and Daewon Song to name a few.

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He is known for his unique way of gloating in the matter of the fact that he won S.O.T.Y(Skater.Of.The.Year). He is also known for his way of thought that you can do anything on a skateboard if you put your mind to it. As he says in the Chocolate video Hot Chocolate, "Skateboarding is just ideas put into action... If you can think of it, you can pretty much do it on a skateboard." one of the greatest skaters now in the ranks of daewon song, rodney mullen and Chris Haslam with his mastery of skateboarding

While he has since moved to southern California, he was a longtime resident of San Jose, CA. Marc is a member of the Tilt Mode Army crew and helped found the Enjoi board company, which despite being a high profile skate company sponsors almost exclusively riders from Silicon Valley. He then left Enjoi the company which he owned to skate for Chocolate, after joking that he left because "his boss wouldn't give him a pay raise". Marc was the recent recipient of Thrasher Magazine's 2007 Skater of the year award, and had the last part with three songs in Lakai Limited Footwear's recent video, Fully Flared.

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Hes always said: ALL inspiration comes from something similar to the way a radio works. If you imagine that everything ever known or will be known exists between the lowest and the highest frequencies, we simply either stumble upon a brilliant song accidentally, or we spend our lives searching for great songs and find them where we may. Invention works like that. I think Tesla said something to that effect: We are simply filters for Divine Knowledge (trasher interview). Also said that he doesn't care if other skater can do a switch 720 flip. Marc said that all a skater needs to skate for is himself and not for others.

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