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Welcome to the Skateboarding wiki, this is a site where you learn all about skating. So if you are new to skating and want to learn a few things, this is the place for you! If you have been skating for a long time, you can help out by adding helpful content and information about skateboarding.

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The featured skater of the month is Rodney Mullen He Invented every trick that the street skaters of today do


Xxlonleyvibessssss Xxlonleyvibessssss 31 July 2020

this wiki is dead

it is lol

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Malayan Pit Viper

My spirit animal is the Malayan Pit Viper and I've made it a role-playing herald once I had enough experience from role-playing sites (where I had to teach myself chaos/anarchy until I was ready to r…

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SpecialOperationsTrooper SpecialOperationsTrooper 25 November 2018

Threw away all my band history


After seeing Bruce Dickinsons' "Tears of the Dragon's" album cover I, Sebastian Dabrowski, erase everything I did for punk strength; 15+ years of understanding what it takes to protect your girl…

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SpecialOperationsTrooper SpecialOperationsTrooper 24 October 2018

Warrior of the Snake!

I'm a warrior. I got ninjitsu, bikenjutsu, skateboarding and even some command scores. One day I'll get a snake tattooed on me. But only after I am fully muscular. I've dedicated a good few years on …

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