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The Kick Flip or Kickflip is a flip trick that is similar to an Ollie, but the skater flicks or "kicks" the board with his foot to make it spin underneath himself while still in the air. In a clean kickflip, the skater kicks the board with his or her front foot, then the skateboard spins over at least once on it's Z Axis, and the skateboarder simply lands on the board.

The kickflip is also the arguably the most popular skateboarding trick. A skater can execute this in this way:

  1. Get his or her feet into ollie position,
  2. Pop the tail of the board the same way one would when starting an ollie,
  3. Slide the foot off the board to the direction his stance is facing (left if regular, right if goofy),
  4. Flick the side of the board with the ankle,
  5. Get it back into normal position,
  6. Land the trick.


  • The Kickflip was originally coined as the "Magic Flip", and was viewed a very technical trick initially, but now is considered a fairly easy trick and is learned by most new skaters after learning to ollie