Kevin Romar was born on September 10, 1988 In Cypress, CA. Kevin started to gain some attention when his part in "The Berry Video - Atmosphere" part came out in 2007.

In the years following he joined Chocolate Skateboards and then soon switched to Blind Skateboards with whom he currnetly rides for. He went Am for Blind in 2009.

In 2011 he was featured in Blind's "This Is Not A Test" which is a Blind Am video.

Kevin Romar.jpg

Born September 10, 1988
Nationality American
Residence Los Angeles
Sponsors Blind Skateboards, Supra, KR3W, Shake Junt, Venture Trucks, Bones Wheels, Andale Bearings, Furnace Skateshop, Remind Insoles
Style Street
Status Pro

In October 2012 Kevin Romar finally went pro for Blind Skateboards. He was given 4 new graphics at his Pro party.

Kevin Romar's Pro suprise party.

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