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a skater peforms a heelflip off a ledge

Heelflip It is one of the first basic flip tricks that a beginner skateboarder would learn. The heelflip is like the harder variation of a kickflip. It is when you ollie, you kick or slide your front foot sideways across the nose of the board, out and forward to create the flipping motion. The difference between it and the kickflip is the fact that in a heeflip the board spins in the opposite direction, which flips forward instead of backward.[]



How to Heelflip

1. Set your feet up like you would for an ollie, but have your front foot's toes hanging off the board.

2. Pop your tail up, slide your front foot off the board with your heel, hence the name. The board should start to spin.

3. Just like with a kickflip, you want to get your feet out of the way of the board so that it can spin freely. Take this moment to pull your front foot back up underneath you, and get ready to catch the skateboard. When heelflipping, the skateboard can spin pretty fast. It helps to be looking down and watching the board spin, but try to not lean forward.

4. Just like with the kickflip, make sure you stay level. If you lean too far forward - as in, toward your toes, you will tend to leave your skateboard behind you. Keep yourself level, and your weight over your skateboard.

5. This is done just like with a kickflip. As you fall back toward the ground and land, bend your knees again. This is important! Bending your knees will help absorb the shock of landing on your skateboard, it will keep your knees from getting hurt from the impact, and keep you in control of your skateboard. bend your knees deeply as you land. Finally, just roll away. If this sounds simple, then great – get out there and practice! If this sounds too complicated, don’t worry. Just go slow, and take your time.


Variations and extensions of the standar are very common - some of these are, but not limited to:

The Anti-Kickflip, where you kickflip, but kick out in the direction of a heelflip.

The Kickflip has the same idea aught.

Heelflip late back foot heelflip (DHell flip),Its a regular heelflip with a back foot heelflip when the deck do a full rotation first.

Triple heelflip, where the board flips three times before being caught.

Quad Heelflip, where the board flips four times before being caught.

Varial Helflip, where th board flips once and spis frontide 180degrees (pop shove-it) at the same time.

360 Heelflip (aka Lp shove-it and the heelflip, the boaes a flip while in the motion of a partial backflip,spinning halfway end over end , then flipping over.

Big Heel, skaters body does a 180 while their board does a 360 Heelflip.