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Chocolate Skateboards Chocolate skateboards is a professional skateboard company founded in April, 1994. As Girl Skateboards came into its own, the owners were approached by friends and other professional skateboarders who knew a good thing when they saw it. Rather than continue to stuff an already weighty Girl Skateboards roster with more riders, a new team and company were created. Chocolate Skateboards was started and is part of the Girl Distribution family, along with the afforementioned Girl Skateboards, Lakai Limited Footwear, Royal Trucks, Fourstar Clothing Co, Ruby Clothing, and Crailtap (Girl Distributions online hub for all of their brands). Although they are marketed as separate teams, they appear in each other's videos, riders have been seen using either company's boards as well as both teams often touring together. Chocolate's main products are decks and wheels, and they also offer clothing and accessories.


Professional Team[]

  • Marc Johnson
  • Chico Brenes
  • Chris Roberts
  • Kenny Anderson
  • Justin Eldridge
  • Jesus Fernandez
  • Daniel Castillo
  • Vincent Alvarez
  • Stevie Perez
  • Elijah Berle
  • Raven Tershy
  • Je
  • Shamil Randle
  • Paulo Diaz
  • Daniel Espinoza
  • Kevin Romar
  • Devine Calloway


  • Las Nueve Vidas De Paco (1995)

Feat. Chico Brenes, Daniel Castillo, Paulo Diaz, Keenan Milton, Richard Mulder, Shamil Randle, Gabriel Rodriguez, Ben Sanchez, Mike York.
Appearances by Mike Carroll, Tim Gavin, Rick Howard, Eric Koston.

  • Hot Chocolate (2004)

Feat. Kenny Anderson, Chico Brenes, Daniel Castillo, Justin Eldridge, Gino Iannucci, Marc Johnson, Scott Johnston, Richard Mulder, Chris Roberts, Mike York.

  • Se Habla Canuck (2004)

Feat. Kenny Anderson, Devine Calloway, Justin Eldridge, Gino Iannucci, Marc Johnson, Scott Johnston, Chris Roberts.

  • Badass Meets Dumbass (2007)
  • Pretty Sweet (2012)


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