The boardslide is a basic and common grind trick where you slide on the center of your board. To be able to boardslide you must be able to do an frontside or backside 180 Ollie. In Boardslide The front trucks go over the obstacle and the skateboarder slides on the center of the board.

  • Olleing up on the rail
  • Keeping your balance on the rail
  • Turning your shoulders back and board to land the boardslide
  • Bending your knees on impact
  • Rolling away landing a boardslide


  • Run at the rail at a medium speed so that you do not stick on the rail or slip back.
  • Know when and where you are going to apporach the rail, if this is your first boardslide start from around 2-3 feet away from the rail.
  • Frontside or backside 180 ollie up on the rail so that you are facing the direction you are grinding.
  • Make sure you have the right amount of weight on the board so you won't fall off and injure yourself while sliding.
  • Finally anticapate coming off the rail as you begin to come to the end, do this by turning your shoulders back and your board as you are coming off.

    A boardslide

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    Boardslide a Hubba