Ali Boulala |- Ali-boulala
Born January 28, 1979
Nationality Swedish and French
Residence California, but in jail right now
Style Street
Sponsors Flip Skateboards, Flip Wheels, Etnies Shoes, Independent Truck Co., Flip clothing.
Status Pro
Signature Tricks hippie jump, switch 360 flip, Noseslide nollie backside flip out, switch ollies , etc.

Ali Boulala (born January 28, 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a professional skateboarder who rides for Flip Skateboards, Flip Clothing, Independent trucks and Flip wheels. He is known for his relaxed but flamboyant style and filmed notable parts in the Flip videos Sorry and Really Sorry, Osiris "Subject to Change" and also appeared in numerous Baker skateboards videos.He was one of four of those who got drunk at parties to death. His style is very aggressive, is one of the most respected pro in history for his switch and all it is.


Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Boulala is of Algerian and Finnish descent. His mother, Raija Boulala, is Finnish.

His approach to skateboarding concentrates on the unusual or unobvious, preferring to skate unfilmed spots and experiment with tricks. He is also famous for his unprecedented attempt at ollieing a twenty-five stair in France. This famous attempt was featured in Flip Skateboard's 2002 video release, Sorry. He is also famous for having a part in all of the Baker Skateboard Videos.

Swedish-born Boulala has pioneered skating manoeuvres, featured in skateboarding videos, featured on the front cover of Transworld Skateboarding magazine and designed his own shoes. About 100,000 skateboards have been sold carrying his name since he turned professional in 1997.

He has a pro shoe with Etnies which features the thinnest cupsole from Etnies with G2 gel. He has since been released from the Etnies roster

Shane Cross AccidentEdit


Courtesy of Etnies

On March 6, 2007, Boulala was the rider of a motorcycle in an accident that killed Flip Skateboards amateur, Shane Cross. When Boulala arrived at a hospital, his injuries were too severe for him to be kept conscious and he was placed in a medically induced coma until his vital signs and health stabilized.

Boulala is currently in jail, and is sentenced for 2-4 years because of Shane Cross' death. (Skateboard Magazine)

Fashion iconEdit

In 2003 Osiris Shoes produced "Ali Boulala" Brothel creeper skateboarding trainers.

Ali Boulala Osiris Shoes Brothel Creepers trainers

The Boulala brothel creeper trainers

Video AppearancesEdit

  • 1996: Transworld Magazine - Uno
  • 1997: Transworld Magazine - Cinematographer
  • 1999: Landspeed: CKY
  • 1998: Church of Skatan - Wild in the Streets
  • 1999: Baker Skateboards - Bootleg
  • 1999: Big Brother Magazine - Boob
  • 2000: Baker Skateboards - Baker2G
  • 2001: TSA Clothing - Life in the Fast Lane
  • 2002: CKY3
  • 2002: Flip Skateboards - Sorry
  • 2002: Transworld Magazine - Chomp on This
  • 2003: Osiris - Subject to Change
  • 2003: Flip Skateboards- Really Sorry
  • 2003: Cliché' Skateboards - Bon Appetit
  • 2005: None - Filmbot Files
  • 2005: Baker Skateboards - Baker3
  • 2007: Etnies Footwear - Restless
  • 2007: Zen replay

Upcoming video projectsEdit

  • 2008: Flip Skateboards - Extremely Sorry