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A rider 360 flips over a rubish bin

360-flip/Tre Flip/3-Flip/Tre Bomb[]

A combination of a backside 360 pop shove-it and a kickflip. Invented by Rodney Mullen during his great age of skating. A 360 Flip is a skateboarding trick in which the skateboarder kicks the board to initiate a kickflip and spins the board backside in a 360 shove-it, thereby doing a kickflip and 360 backside shove-it simultaneously.

Rodney Mullen landed a 360 flip in 1983. Jason Lee was doing them in 1994, eleven years later. While Rodney was said to have invented them he credits Jason Lee with the invention.

During the finals of the 2013 Portland Street League, Shane O'Neill perfectly landed a switch double 360 flip, an incredibly hard trick to land.


1-The rider sets up like a kickflip, but with the back foot more like a pop shove it. Many have most of their back foot in the curve where the concave meets the tail to get a good scoop.

2-The rider pops the board like a pop shove by scooping it backwards in a pushing motion while at the same time kicking the front foot forward to start it kicking.

3-The rider sucks the knees into his chest so they don't hit the board.

4-They then usually catch the board with their front foot, and not the backfoot (not every skater does them like this, but it's recommended to learn them this way because there’s less movement in your front foot.) before landing.

Variations of the 360 Flip:[]

  • 540 Flip
  • Double Tre Flip
  • Triple Tre Flip
  • Fakie Tre Flip
  • Nollie Tre Flip
  • Switch Tre Flip



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